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Run-flat tyres

Runflat tyres make horror scenarios disappear because they offer so-called run-flat properties. This means that in an emergency, run-flat tyres can be driven for about 60 miles - without fear of a burst tyre. Also, the tyres with run-flat properties contribute to improved driving safety. Even at high speeds, the vehicle will still stay safely on track in the event of a tyre defect. Besides, they are better for the environment - since you don't need a spare wheel, the vehicle weight reduces by around 20 kg.

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What exactly is the difference between a "normal" tyre and a Run-flat?

Run-flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls. These ensure that the shape of the tyre remains virtually unchanged in the event of a puncture, even if the air pressure has dropped considerably. This means that the next service station or your home can be reached safely without any problems. According to statistics, every car driver experiences a puncture after 60,000 to 95,000 miles or after five to seven years. The causes are usually broken glass, nails or bad road surfaces. A flat tyre is of course, always inconvenient. If the weather is bad, visibility is poor, and it's been ages since you changed a spare wheel, then the emergency is more than just unpleasant. As a rule, a run-flat tyre can be used for a good 60 miles after the damage but do not drive faster than 50 mph. In addition, a special rubber compound ensures that the tyre also withstands the more substantial warming, and the vehicle remains manoeuvrable. Because even for attentive drivers it is difficult to notice a puncture with run-flat tyres, the legislator prescribes an appropriate control system. This system (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS) shows the respective tyre pressure on a display, so the driver always has full control over the tyre pressure.

The advantages of run-flat tyres summarised:

  • Very high driving safety: If you are affected by a sudden puncture, a run-flat tyre is much more stable than a conventional car tyre.
  • More comfort: In the event of a puncture, you save yourself the time-consuming changing of the spare wheel.
  • Protects the environment: As no spare wheel is needed any more, you save weight and use less fuel.

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