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Advance Tyres

Advance produces reliable and durable units for agricultural and industrial purposes at highly affordable rates. These tyres are manufactured using modern technologies and undergo rigorous tests to ensure driving safety, performance and stability.

To purchase Advance tyres Newport, give us a call at Trade Price Tyres. You can now also buy these tyres online from us alongside scheduling a fitting appointment.

Take a look at some of our most popular Advance tyre models.


  • AR833
  • These Advance tyres Newport are suitable for almost all vehicles, including agricultural trailers, balers, heavy seed drills, etc. These offer optimum traction on muddy terrains and are also engineered with self-cleaning properties.


  • HF-2
  • The AS-shape design of these Advance tyres Newport comprises deeper tread, improving traction on wet and muddy terrains. Their wide tread design also accounts for a higher load capacity, even when the tyre pressure is low.

    Solid tyres

  • OB-502
  • This tyre is suitable only for industrial applications as its high-quality tread compound offers increased wear resistance. It also has a high load-carrying capacity and offers optimum mileage to your vehicle. 

Other popular units include:

  • E-2H (MPT tyre)
  • IND (Industrial)

If you are willing to buy Advance tyres Newport from us, you won’t have to worry about budget. With our Trade Price Tyres Creditline facility, we offer you the option of paying in instalments (interest-free and in 12 months).

So, what are you waiting for?

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