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Are you looking for Motorhome Tyres for your vehicle?


At Trade Price Tyres, you can take your pick from an exclusive collection of motorhome tyres Newport.

You can avail these units at attractive deals and favourable buying options with our Trade Price Tyres Creditline facility if you have some financial constraints at the moment.

Motorhome tyres, also known as Campervan tyres, are tailor-made to offer a safe vehicle handling experience. These feature an ingenious construction with enhanced speed index that can efficiently carry the load of a motorhome with passengers, both on and off-road.

Why choose motorhome tyres?

Motorhome tyres come with several added benefits that make driving extremely comfortable.

  • Fuel efficiency- These tyres are constructed with a unique tread design that reduces rolling resistance even with heavier loads, and hence, are incredibly fuel-efficient.
  • Control and handling: These units are purpose-built to offer improved control and handling by providing optimum traction and adequate braking response.
  • Driving comfort: By offering efficient traction and cornering precision, these tyres promise a comfortable journey while covering a longer distance.

What are motorhome tyres an ideal pick for you?

Even though motorhome tyres Newport seem similar to any regular passenger car tyre, they are largely different in terms of construction and tread compound.

    • Higher load-carrying capacity

This is the fundamental difference between a motorhome tyre and any regular car tyre. The sidewall construction of a motorhome tyre is made extremely strong to carry heavier loads. Therefore, while a regular car tyre has a maximum load-carrying capacity of 500kg, a motorhome tyre is purpose-built to carry up to 1200kg.

    • Higher tyre pressure

Motorhome tyres generally have higher tyre pressure. Ideally, while any standard tyre can withstand a pressure of 40psi, a motorhome tyre needs to be inflated up to at least 80psi for a safe and optimum driving experience

    • Robust construction

Since motorhomes are used for long journeys, specialised tyres for these vehicles come with a sturdier construction with strong carcass material and unique tread design that efficiently adapts to multiple road conditions and offers enhanced durability.

Popular motorhome tyres at our facility

  • Continental Vanco Camper
  • Pirelli Chrono Camper
  • Maxxis Campro MAC 2 “CP”

Apart from these, we also have several budget and mid-range brands for you to choose from if you are looking for quality products at a competitive price.

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