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4x4/SUV tyres - always safe on rough and smooth surfaces

Sport Utility Vehicles or SUV's. This expression does not mean it is only a traditional off-road vehicle. A 4x4 or SUV is indeed similar to a normal passenger car but is also equipped with elements of a four-wheel-drive which makes it also suitable for off-road use. The body structure of a "proper" Off-roader and an SUV/4x4 is similar, but there are of course also some clear technical differences:

The off-roader's gearbox has separate off-road gears with short ratios, or the gearbox follows all gear-steps.

Classic 4x4 vehicles have a box or a ladder frame. A SUV also has individually suspended wheels and a body that supports itself.

An Off-road vehicle's differential locks help to improve its off-road capabilities. An SUV has electronic driving aids which are operating via brake intervention.

Axle articulation and climbing ability are greater in SUV off-roaders than in SUVs.

Specialist tyres for specialist needs - buy new 4x4 tyres Newport - Trade Price Tyres Creditline.

In the SUV sector there are different tyre types. Which ones are best for your vehicle depends on your needs? Are you using the vehicle more off-road, or do you mainly stay on the road, or a bit of both?

From the manufacturer's point of view, the vehicles are usually equipped with tyres designed for road use.

Best suited for sporty drivers

The off-road tyres, 4x4 and SUV tyres available from the Trade Price Tyres Creditline assortment are primarily designed for use on the road. Thus, these tyres are suitable also for high speeds. A special plus of the sport off-road tyres /4x4-/SUV-tyres is the high driving stability in curves, which allows an optimal control over the vehicle even with sporty driving style. Most manufacturers of these tyres pay special attention to this.

But we certainly also have top quality off-road tyres available.

Things to keep in mind when driving off-road.

One crucial criterion is road grip off-road - away from solid roads.

Your tyres have to have an adjusted tread and a coarser profile they can cope with wet and mud.


Please change your tyres from summer to winter tyres (or get some all-season tyres) just as you would with "normal" tyres.

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