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Avon Tyres

Established in the year 1904, Avon is known for its high-quality tyres at competitive prices. The company focuses on manufacturing tyres with the latest and innovative technologies. The units also undergo a punishment test regime to ensure optimum performance and driving stability. 

At Trade Price Tyres, we stock a comprehensive collection of  Avon tyres Newport  of different sizes in our inventory. You can either visit our garage or buy these products online from our website along with scheduling a fitting appointment.  

Does your vehicle need new  Avon tyres Newport  but you’re on a tight budget?

Do not worry and make the most of our Trade Price Tyres Creditline facility, wherein you can purchase units and then pay in interest-free instalments over a period of 12 months. 

Buy in-store or online plus book your most convenient fitting option.

Avon tyre categories at our garage

    High-performance Tyres

  • ZV7
  • These  Avon car tyres Newport  are made with softer premium rubber compounds and feature rigid sidewalls that offer enhanced traction on both wet and dry roads. These are also able to resist heat build-up, reducing the chances of wear and tear.

    Winter Tyres 

  • WV7 Snow
  • The higher natural rubber composition and softer rubber compound of these tyres ensure enhanced grip and handling on snow-covered roads.

    4X4 Tyres 

  • ZX7
  • These Avon units come with a deeper tread pattern and larger grooves that improve traction even in adverse road conditions. You can choose from our highway-terrain, mud-terrain and all-terrain Avon tyres as per your requirement. 

Other popular Avon tyres at our facility include: 

  • AV12 (Van Tyres)
  • ZV3 (All-season Tyres)

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