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All season tyres - all-rounders for the city

All-season tyres, also known as all-weather tyres, are becoming more and more popular and are often seen as an alternative to summer and winter tyres. In fact, they combine many of the characteristics of these specialised tyres and are therefore called all-season tyres.

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So now that you can buy your All Season Tyres Newport with peace of mind, let us also help you with your purchase decision and clarify other open questions:

  • What does the term all-season tyres actually mean?
  • How good are all-season tyres?
  • What do you need to consider when buying tyres?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Which all-season tyres are good?

Here at Trade price Tyres Creditline, you can get all the information you need to make the right tyre choice for your car. Of course, you can find and buy all season tyres Newport right here on our website.

The most important facts at a glance

As the name suggests, all-season tyres can be used all year round. Because all-weather tyres are all-rounders, they can be used in sun, snow or wet weather.

With all-weather tyres, there is no need to change tyres, which saves money and time for fitting and storage space.

In regards to rubber compound and tread depth, the tyres range between summer and winter tyres.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Lower purchase costs, as the tyres are only purchased once.
  • There is no need to change tyres - that means savings on fitting and storage.

The disadvantages of all-season tyres at a glance:

  • Faster wear in summer due to the softer rubber compound.
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Higher acquisition costs for tyre sets

In borderline areas, the performance characteristics of all-season tyres are not comparable with summer or winter tyres.

So, who are all-weather tyres suitable for?

All-weather tyres are a good alternative to winter summer tyres when road conditions and weather do not differ too much between summer and winter, or more precisely: when it is not too hot in summer and not too cold and slippery in winter, all-season tyres are a good option.

This usually also applies to vehicles that are mainly used in (large) cities. Here, all-season tyres can often be used, since in city traffic the weather is in most cases not as noticeable as in winter in the mountains. However, if you live in the mountains, where snow and ice lead to difficult road conditions, then winter tyres are the better choice.

The mileage during the year should also play a role in the purchase decision. Because of the special rubber mixture and the fact that the tyres are driven all year round, there is more wear and tear and consumption. Therefore, all-weather tyres are usually worthwhile for vehicles that cover less than 6000 miles per year, such as second cars or trailers.

So, what questions should you answer before buying tyres?

1 What are the weather conditions in my region over the year?

2. do I spend more time in the city or the countryside?

3. how many miles do I drive per year?

Can I use All-season tyres abroad during the winter?

In many countries, winter tyres with a minimum tread depth of 4mm are mandatory.

It is therefore worth checking the regulations before the winter holiday.

You are not sure whether all-season tyres are the right choice for your car/your region? Your Tradeprice Tyres Creditline team will be happy to advise you on the right tyre choice.

How long should you drive on all-weather tyres?

How long you can drive an all-weather tyre depends on many factors. Tyres of well-known brands such as Nexen, Falken, Goodyear, Dunlop or Michelin usually last longer than no-name tyres, which are considerably cheaper. But factors such as mileage per year, driving style and age of the tyre also play a role.

All-weather tyres can achieve between 22000 and 32000 miles, depending on the driving style. So, if you drive less than 6000 miles per year, you can use your tyres for up to 4 years with a decent driving style.

The most important thing for a long tyre life is the right tyre pressure and driving style. At best, you should always keep an eye on the tread depth of your tyres, because a tread depth of 1.6 mm is the legal limit. However, experts recommend making an appointment for tyre changes much earlier. Tyre experts specify a minimum tread depth of 4 mm.

The most significant differences between the different types of tyres are in the tread and the rubber compound. This is because different tyres are designed for different conditions.

For example, summer tyres have a much harder tyre compound than winter tyres because they are supposed to have good driving and braking properties even in hot weather. Winter tyres, on the other hand, have to remain elastic even in cold conditions, so they have a relatively soft rubber. And summer and winter tyres also differ in terms of tread pattern, because winter tyres have incisions along the entire tread. These sipes provide the ideal grip on snowy or icy roads. Summer tyres, on the other hand, do not have sipes, but only coarse sipes that protect against aquaplaning, especially on wet roads.

All-weather tyres are a compromise compared to the two specialists because they have to perform well on the road in both snow and heat. This compromise can be seen, for example, in the tread pattern. For example, the lamellae that provide grip over the entire tread on winter tyres are usually only visible on the middle part of the tread on all-weather tyres. In the case of rubber, the all-season tyre with a soft compound is generally closer to the winter tyre, which can lead to a longer braking distance and increased rubber abrasion in summer.

So, if you think all-season tyres are just right for you, please have a look at our website. Here you will find- and can buy the best all season tyres Newport with only a few clicks.

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